New Magazine

New technology strikes again! The previous format used for our online magazine is out of date and the host company is shutting it down.  We will miss the look of the previous version but as with all things - we have to accept change.

Our previous magazine was called The Lemonade Digest - squeezing every drop out of life. We also have multiple blogs with this same name included in the title. Our hope is that our life will inspire others to enjoy their life (squeeze every drop out of life). Yet, as with all things comes change - so does the name.

The Lemonade Digest AKA TLD will remain a part of our life/company but you will find mention of SmithPRO LLC more often. SmithPRO is the actual parent company of all things our family does.

SmithPRO is our brand.

The Lemonade Digest - squeezing every drop out of life is our motto.

Older videos will have TLDTV (The Lemonade Digest TV) and 
newer ones may have SmithPRO LLC.  

Either way - both ways
we hope you enjoy our articles, videos, photography, essays, and adventure!

- Sheri Smith , mom, wife, writer, entrepreneur, and sinner saved by the grace of God