Christmas in Question

By - Josephine Smith, age 15

It’s the most wonderful time of the year again and you can hear those sleigh bells on every corner. The Christmas season is full of traditions of all kinds, from religious to family favorites. As with most things, with the passing of time come complications and questions. The rising and falling of cultures and beliefs change the nature of our world’s sociology. Christmas as a holiday is no exception. With the passing of events and the rising new cultural norms, it has become hard to determine the “right” way to celebrate Christmas. As Christians, this question has been stuffed constantly in our faces. We can begin to question the traditions and reason for the season which we observe in our society. I am going to break down various Christmas traditions and questions which have taken the spotlight of interest for many during this time of year.

Stay posted for these coming articles! Hopefully, they will help you have a little “merrier” at Christmas time.