So Go Airsoft Info

Info for private events that our family is organizing! We put it here, on our website so our friends who don't have social media, can access it easily. Remember, you must RSVP to Sheri Smith. 

Does your family love airsoft or always wanted to try it? This is a great opportunity to join the homeschool group games and have a lot of fun.

There are very important details so it is required you read the following:

1. Ages 12 and up

2. Only homeschool families and their family (parents, siblings, inlaws) If you have family visiting in town, let me know, and we’ll do our best to include them!

3. Come at 2pm. It takes time to do the waiver (1 time per year). It can be done online also. A waiver must be signed before playing in the CQB. If under 18 it must be signed by a parent or legal guardian.

4. There are gun rentals for players who don’t have their own Airsoft Gun or have guns that shoot over 340 FPS with .20g BBs. (They will chrono player’s guns to determine their speed.)
$15 – Lower End Gun Rental – Includes Gun, Mask, BB’s
$20 – Higher End Gun Rental – Includes Gun, Mask, BB’s
All Airsoft Guns must chronograph below 340 FPS with .20g bbs.
5. All players must wear sealed goggles. Full face paintball-style mask is required for players under 18. The general recommendation is that as much skin as possible be covered i.e. long sleeves, pants, and gloves (Recommended). If you are renting a gun, it comes with a mask.

6. Usually there is a $4 participation fee per person playing.

We find ball caps help, turn it backward to protect the back of your neck. Long sleeve protects your arms. Definitely gloves, not big bulky winter ones, you’ll need tighting ones fighting so you can pull the trigger.

Parents – Please tell the participating members of your family that shooting point blank (closer than about five feet, this may vary) or come up behind them, just yell bang bang and do not shoot.

They must go back to respawn if they get shot. No cheating.

Getting shot can and will hurt so don't shoot somebody up. Remember it only takes one shot anywhere on the body to get them out.

If necessary go to the SOGO website for more info. Call them if you have questions. They are open at 2pm most days.

Important Non-required Airsoft Gear

      There are a few very important things to wear to airsoft. Three of them are a neck guard, jeans, and gloves. The first important thing to wear is a neck guard. The throat is a sensitive and vital place that hurts to get shot. So, make sure to wear a high-necked jacket or bring some other sort of material to cover it. Next, you need to make sure to wear gloves. The hands are also a very bad place to get shot without any protection, often leaving welts or bruises. Lastly you need to wear jeans. Getting shot on the back of the knee or shin hurts very, very bad but some thick pants do the trick. Not all three are as important as each other, but all are still important.

Important Required Airsoft Gear

     There are also two required things to wear to airsoft. These are goggles and a solid face guard. The only gear that everyone is required to wear no matter the age is goggles. Safety goggles won’t cut it though, it either needs to be airsoft goggles, ski goggles, or other goggles similar to the two listed prior. The last required thing to wear is a mask that covers the entire nose and entire mouth. It must either be a plate mask or a netted mask. This only applies to people under 18 years of age. Even though only one of them is required for all, I would still highly recommend using the mask along with the goggles.